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Jul. 4th, 2016 04:37 pm
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Muse List

(Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

(Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)

Robert E.O. Speedwagon

(Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)


Guido Mista

(Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)



(Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)


(Persona Series)


(MekakuCity Actors/Kagepro)



(Prince Of Tennis)



(Prince Of Tennis)




I'm a Mess

Feb. 26th, 2017 12:43 pm
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 Well, my February was eaten by Final Fantasy XV. Figured I would at least post up my February slots, since I'm not collecting anything. Feel like a massive dork for missing the Valentine's event. All trades welcome.

bn: plankton01, stonefree01, clow01

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For logging purposes:

Valentine's Day Received Log

Vethica- Bloodshot16- Yellow
kiss- villagerb13-yellow
moon-villagerb14- yellow
eon-villagerb17- yellow
jen-thecrows04, orange
Aki-thecrows10, gray
dialny, thecrows11, orange
gravekit, thecrows09, gray
sky, thecrows06, gray
ivoryandhorn, begging01, green
Cate, gross05, purple
Raven, libero20, orange
Aletha, thecrows12, gray
Lex, thecrows07, orange
Reneetwist, thecrows13, orange
needles, mobile19, red
skitty, mole02, blue
lenga, mobile04, red
chi-boxer16, red
Arianne, wry12, yellow

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 All trades for Tones will go here!
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 June 5, 2015

1. vanargand13 for [personal profile] eonflamewing  for 1 orange crayon
2. fenrir06 for [personal profile] vethica  for cousin06
3. scorpion06 for [personal profile] scblakdrgon  for peakspider01
4. hasedo16 for [personal profile] estamir  for nekoma16
5. shoutaku16 for [personal profile] zettaimuri  for thecrows14
6. sangriarosa17 for [personal profile] honeybrushedheart  for pinkbow09
7. special03 for [personal profile] sal  for gross01

sp. boxweapon13 for [personal profile] scblakdrgon  for bepsi01

June 8
Trade with audurotum> exalt17 for kapow16

June 11
Trade with [personal profile] commandant > scarlet hair17 for opening16

June 12

Trade with dialny> manager04 for strike13

Trade with inventrix> composed10, hogyoku13, silent01 for muga15, scar06, steals03


July 3

Trade with [personal profile] sal > abroad07, fabricated05, hawkeye01, kayo-chin02 for calming19, cranes06, favoring19, focusing17

Trade with [personal profile] gammacrank >effort09, getaway09, lovestruck07, quick09, thing07, tripping12, mascots16 for focusing05, tiger01, benefits13, croquettes03, meanies14, suwabe17, versicolor04

July 13, 2015 ------------
- Gifted from Sal> strike14
- Trade with dialny> scar08 for trash17
Trade with eonflamewing> oshu12, selphia19 for adieu08, floatserve08
July Release
- 1. akitsukami04 for floatserve16 ([personal profile] zeittari ) 
2. hyouhaku04 for peakspider13 ([personal profile] zeittari ) 
3. hatsushimo04 for toss19 ([personal profile] zeittari ) 
4. choice16 for flamenblue14 ([personal profile] stag )
 5. beloved08 for phonecalls20 ([personal profile] stag ) 
6. Kailu06 for solarknee14 ([personal profile] scblakdrgon ) 
7. acrobatics06 for wolfsbane05 ([personal profile] scblakdrgon ) 
8. cleaning09 for livingzombie03 ([personal profile] scblakdrgon ) 
9. Astronomer11 for orange crayon[personal profile] eonflamewing  
10. samuraifan02 for beloved12 [personal profile] vethica  
sp. arrows14 for gross13 ([personal profile] scblakdrgon )
Trade with dialny> boxer07, lonely03, owner17, tiger12, favoring07 for suicune19, 3moles17, railgun04, secondson12, sorry15
July 09, 2015 ------------
- trade with tonko>babble14, kujakki18 for tensai06, saillune04
- Trade with ostrze>trainride19 for hayashibara14
- Trade with Jen>princesslike08, wander11 for cranes05, opening20
- Trade with Nikita>brandless08, cointoss02, jizaikon15, laguz13, nyu02, tall10 for autozam12, boxer19, tarundoru17, tiger04, favoring03, wildlion11
- Trade wiith Colette> octal07, tusk19 for analyzation20, setter09
- Trade with Shay>harasho03, player12, spiritenergy11, viera12 for praetor14, bubblegum08, cross19, owner12
-Trade with skybun>exsphere14, fantastical02, kendama03, rekku16, restore08 for acrobatics11, acrobatics20, cleaning18, cross03, nfu19
Trade with chives>crimibear14 for speedstar08
Trade with fortuneparty> opening08, cleaning08, nfu13 for my pikarigaoka06, red10, stmichaels13

July 08, 2015 ------------
- Trade with Tonko>disobedient02, experience04, experience18, king10, ember10, region20 for bunnybox18, gekokujou08, kailu12, nfu17, pinkbow12, samezuka04  
Trade with Zeittari >bully13, bully20 for aisen04, renegades01
July 06, 2015 ------------
- Trade with Byakkun>Jojo15, youmu01, funyarinpa16 for awakening06, calming03, pinkbow11 http://oujicards.dreamwidth.org/1324.html?thread=236588#cmt236588

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May 2015

May 30, 2015

Joined Colors-> Starter Pack: strike07, strike02, fisherman01, youmu01, shippudash13, pikarigaoka06, male-type14, silpheed16

Extra 2 cards-> blooming16, confrontal04

May Release-> denpa01, stone-face01, abu01, kapow01, shuffle01, thecrows05

Anniversary Event

June 1- Received Fivetastic01, panda19, monkey11

June 4- >Gifted Riri blooming16
               >Gifted Colette Male-type14
               >Gifted Flossy Confrontal04
               >Gifted Levy Fisherman01
Received from Kiri> blocker04, gekokujou08, samuraicat04, samuraicat11, samuraicat19

June 5-> June Slots
1. vanargand13 for [personal profile] eonflamewing   for 1 orange crayon
2. fenrir06 for [personal profile] vethica    for cousin06
3. scorpion06 for [personal profile] scblakdrgon   for peakspider01
4. hasedo16 for [personal profile] estamir   for nekoma16
5. shoutaku16 for [personal profile] zettaimuri   for thecrows14
6.  sangriarosa17 for [personal profile] honeybrushedheart  for pinkbow09
sp. boxweapon13 for [personal profile] scblakdrgon   for bepsi01

Received from scblakdrgon > bepsi11, yamakami01
Received from chronikle> 20faces01, autozam02, create01
Colorseum 8-5> similar18, speaking07, velvetroom05, stmichaels13

June 7

Seiyuu Guess 190> exalt17, television14, notebook19, sabbat01, thrillers01, fireball16, blue crayon

Received from 
[personal profile] honeybrushedheart > hitwoman09

June 8

Anniversary day 2> fivetastic02, fabulous04, meanies18, strike10, yellow crayon, gray crayon

Anniversary day 5> 
                         >Try 1: Gave monkey 11 and received Fivetastic05, scarlethair17
                         >Try 2 Gave Panda19 and received suwabe11, oshu12, whip smack02, rash20, deus14
                         >Try 3: Gave similar 18 and received oneesan18, inn09
Guess the Color 223> composed10, nyu02, ayasugi10
Oikawa's Fanmail 62> belittled18, oblivion12, howl08, bell08

June 10
Anniversary Event day 6> fivetastic06, inherit12, patch16, kendama03, wingman16
U's Music Station 209> manager04, cocteau04, resentment06, spin20

June 11>
Switch it up 97> Switched thriller01 for bully02

Help Miss Kamilla 71> boisterous05, minchi18, measuring06, badpun06

Read between the lines 161- railgun04, scarves06, 1stlt05, hogyoku13

Gift from 
[personal profile] skybuns> samuraicat20

Arazlam's clues 249> caution15, cloudshrine11, wealthy02

Gift from 
[personal profile] reneetwist > headphones01

June 12

Ansem's Player Report 89> water08, ideya18, sea20, princesslike08

Gift from possibilityleft > 
barrettes15, basketbals16, benefits08, choice01, choice02, choice03, choice05, choice06, choice07, choice08, choice 09, choice10, choice11, choice12, choice 13, choice14, choice15, choice17, choice18, choice20, cousin01, cranes17, elevator11, favoring03, fireball02, gekidasa05, jian17, kailu01, kailu02, kailu03, kailu04, kailu05, kailu07, kailu08, kailu09, kailu10, kailu11, kailu13, kailu16, kailu18, kailu19, lonely11, mobile12, musket16, neptune04, notebook09, notebook17, peach04, peach19, pushy07, samuraicat06, scar19, tarundoru03, 1 crayon of each color

gift from dialny> samuraicat07, samuraicat11

Anniversary day 11> fivetastic11, rose06, screams11, brokenrose14

Anniversary day 10> fivetastic10, strike08, red10, shadaloo12, ribbons08

Colorseum 9-1> short08, corporal08, inlove04, barrage16, ditelada16, silent01

Anniversary day 12> fivetastic12, hellguide09, thing07, instinct13, cr-so103, itadakimasu10, brush10, maddog01, chariot19, change11, wahoo14 given for 1stlt05, ayasugi10, barrage16, boisterous05, brokenrose14, caution15, cloudshrine11, cocteau04, corporal08, ditelada16

June 13

Anniversary day 08> fivetastic08, jimuguri01, polkadot02, gianthornet02, deus12, green crayon

Recycled Art> 
blogger16, bloodshot09, bloodshot15, bloodshot20, bully06, bully15, calming02, calmingo6, calming07, calming10. calming11, calming12, calming15, calming16, calming17, capitivate06, focusing14, kailu05, mobile05, scar02

1. vanargand13 for [personal profile] eonflamewing   for 1 orange crayon
2. fenrir06 for [personal profile] vethica    for cousin06
3. scorpion06 for [personal profile] scblakdrgon   for peakspider01
4. hasedo16 for [personal profile] estamir   for nekoma16
5. shoutaku16 for [personal profile] zettaimuri   for thecrows14
6.  sangriarosa17 for [personal profile] honeybrushedheart  for pinkbow09
7. special03 for [personal profile] sal  for gross01
8. gross10
9. slopes12
sp. boxweapon13 for [personal profile] scblakdrgon   for bepsi01

June 15
Anniversary day 12> Traded change11, cr-s0103, fabulous04, gianthornet02, hellguide09, ideya18, inherit13, instinct13, itadakimasu10, jimuguri01 and received ribbons02, lovestruck07, disobedient02, rarechips07, 11-808, littlekitty20, shikon16, miko15, sunrisecafe09, ugly01
u's music station 210> quick09, seiyuu14, runner08, sillier06
Oikawa's Fan Mail 63> collapses19, eyesight08, hollybell15, balfonheim16, x31516, persocom17
Guess the Color 224> losttrust08, devoted16, possible16
Silly Blanks 25> fabricated05, king10, thirdroom03, aikido10, spotter12, cowardly18, forelock14, starmagic16, reliability10, mushi16, annihilate03, deadman13

June 18

Help Miss Kamila 72> kayo-chin02, righteye03

Reading Between the Lines 162> experience18, trash17, across10, godbreath05, naru19, uppercut19, alchemist20, asakeno06, alliance09, adam11, purple crayon

Anniversary Day 16> snow10, beats06, kijin03, fivetastic16, blue crayon

Combo Breaker 88> Free Hit

Host Club Giveaway 115> methuselah08, abroad07, nagi15

Ansem's Player Report 90> wildlion16, summoner10, signorina10, soldiers12

Arazalam's Clues 250> posh15, jimmies18, jindujun20

Anniversary Day 18> Fivetastic18, exsphere14, effort09, selphia19, boar02, sass05, laguz13

Niou and Yagyuu's Costume Party 240> kouhai09, prodigal16, renegade20, rekku16

June 19

Colorseum 9-2> determined04, croquettes13, lenster07, kujakki18, leopard19, married09

June 20

Art Lessons with Minori 230> protector07, shounen14

June 21

Seiyuu Guess 192> bluesea05, personality14, tusk19

Anniversary Day 07>  fivetastic07, romipaku20, watergun07, darkening16

June 22

Anniversary Day 14> fivetastic14, oaktree05, kawasumia17

Anniversary Day 09> fivetastic09, efficient11, parenting03, figurine09, angelpowder11, losttrust06, funyarinpa16, ember10, murasame11, biscuit06, wander11, tokugawa11, viera12, poland01, napping09

Hange’s Information Exchange 79> wahoo18, results06, netidol10, driver15, aisen04, winglet15

Anniversary Day 15> fivetastic15, suicine19, rootflare12,strike15, grey crayon

June 23

Oikawa’s Fan Mail 64> jojo15, babble14, lazy01, blaming20, tripping12, percise19

Guess the Color 225> nidaime09, invader02, getaway09

 Anniversary Day 19> fivetastic19, strike01, toss01

June 24

Gift from [personal profile] beaslays>rayearth15, kapow20

Graffiti 103> oarfish19, split12, player12, pinkpearl09

Help Miss Kamilla 73> rift10, mascots16

Anniversary Day 17> fivetastic17, strike20, bepsi05

Silly Blanks 26> headstrong16, rent11, bolverk08, heavymetal01, eroge15, volleyball04, knitted18

Anniversary Day 13> fivetastic13, axe17, poseidon05, screentone19, blue crayon

June 26

Arazlam's clues 251> entrails06, spiritenergy11, crescent17

Ansem's player report 91> capitalism11, flirty07, popnbeat04, scale16

June 27

Colorseum 9-3> hikkomori12, leftout17, codename18, hostility12, tall10, torchic19

June 28

Seiyuu Guess 193> torment10, heatwave19, oceanwave11

June 29

Recycled Art> favoring12, pinkbow16, samuraicat05, samuraicat08, scar03, scar04, scar05, scar07, scar09, scar10, scar11, scar13, scar14, scar17, scar18, scar20, tiger03, tiger15, tiger17, tiger19

Hi-5 Radio! 38> hawkeye01, xrosheart12, marshmallow18, backdoors14, barbarossa07, gransys15, lastation06

Recycled Art> cleaning16, wildlion12, wildlion18

Oikawa's Fan Mail 65> recluse20, sweets14, cointoss02, arphage10

u's Music Station 211> jizaikon15, fulcrum04, androgynous02, restore08

June 30

Costume Party 242> damsel15, perlite03, halberd15, plugin04

Guess the Color 226> toxic03, sigma12, captive07



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Don't worry Joseph, my card post isn't gone, it's just moved! Trades are still posted here, but if you're looking for my card post, it is here.
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 Activity Log September 2014-March 2015 HERE


April 1st 2015


Task 1- Received- beetles06, lunartear14, godkiller01, mechanic08, accuracy13, piano15, varna11, origamicyclone11, 3 milks

Task 2- Received- moon14, hastur10, resolute06, faust05, split12, samurai12, allmate06, apologetic11, wolvesofmibu08, arland14, saine13, tukijinao19

Task 3- Turned in centernova14, crocodile09, loligothic02, spicyageha04, viola04; Received- runny12, magiccancel12, hope14, spacetime01, charmpoint08, datadog02, yogurt14, dobato06, redking14, otomegane15

Task 4- Turned in busty04, childish04, dogoopencil15, foxfire14, kemeko04, syringe03, received pervert05, wolfdemon04, senbonzakura05, doppelganger11, butler10, matto03, frail04, scions02, formal05, astraeahill01, ghosttrick14, miwashirow15, mint04

Task 5- received recorder11, twistserve12, promisedvictory14, rosenqueen07, headmaster09, 3 magazines

April 2, 2015

Weekly Games

Bookshelf: march03, friends02, bassguitar08

Who's the seiyuu?: loverepinard07, ballad01, kamikakushi11, eat07

ESP Testing Center (Normal): brigadechief05, yo-yos11

Gamer Guess: lovervesta11, softball07, firefist04, toukendanshi17

Matching cards: shy01, malamute09

April 3, 2015

Posted a comment in Discussion (Received variable09, viscera14, devilsummoners15, food09)

April 4, 2015

Biweekly Games (Freebies, Memory)

Freebies: faculty07, shattered13, greatgabomba09, loveworks02

Memory Game: butterfly10, hotarumaru08, poems01, piano09, endless14, magazine

April 5th, 2015

Task 6 (turned in angelmort13, paimon15, heroine10, crossdress03, vehicroid07, wildtiger12, received alpacas08, apothecary01, seeress06, palmtop09, bestfriend07, redeyes13, tyr12, confectionary06, sket-dan06, femaleshepards16)

Hangman's gambit: fluffal08, dryjuice09, familyphoto14, summoner06, milk

Sailing expeditions: aoitori13, vino09, decision07, sleepover06

Throwback Thursday: positive13, eating13, loversulfur15

Puzzle: vehicle12, freckles12, regalia14, iwant14, freedom14milk

Gift received from deo- beehive06, beehive07, datadog09

April 6th, 2015- Commented in spelling bee. (hatchin05)(Received vino13, absolute04, whitefairy11, dawnking10, death10, aquila04, yellow pencil, purple pencil)

Commented in omikuji-(lightningmagic01, lightspeed02, lily01, lithuania10)(Received smiles07, paperfan11, untouchable15, widow06, shadowless14, brush09, courage10, 1stgen02, enamikatsumi08, greenheart08, randomdiary13, kingcybody03, mavrou08. shiningone08, summer07, milk, blue pencil

Collections- Turned in gem06, received heliohapt08, widow03, sand03, games13, machine01

April 7th, 2015

received faketoss05 from shonen as a gift

gifted recall10 to princessnine- http://princessnine.dreamwidth.org/470.html?thread=44246#cmt44246

gifted aoitori13 to altomare- http://altomare.dreamwidth.org/6768.html?thread=57200#cmt57200

gifted deo advisor06, accuracy13, absolute04- http://deo.dreamwidth.org/6170.html?thread=14106#cmt14106

gifted hijiri mountaingod12-


gifted miki kazaana01, kazaana09-


gifted moe devil15-


gifted ivoryandhorn viscera14-


gifted shibiya magoi01, magoi12-


gifted kaye seeress06-


gifted charlotte fluffal08-


Spellcasting 18-





April 8th, 2015

Shop- Turned in 1- blue, red, pink, yellow, purple, gray, green pencil for  sleepover11, makeup08, two-star15, captivate10, captivate11, captivate13, intoner07, tyrant09, melodist13, wingspiker12, swordsmanship13, competitive01, embarrassed15,bangles09, dna15, names07, piercings15, kira02

received beehive13 as a gift from advancing

Mastered two-star: guitar05, guitar08, gangleader09, fighter14, visualkei04, manatree03,

Mastered captivate: guitar12, poems04, radiance12, steadfast05, widow05, mint13,

Mastered guitar: poems05, poems06, sandrock12, babypink14, awaken08, mariostory07,

Level Up: poems11, cleanfreak02, shige-nii06, shiroamano08,

Mastered poems: climber01, climber06, littlebird13, mikazuki03, truth14, tagforce10,

April 9, 2015

Bookshelf: trumpet01, tsukki10, hindrances08

Who's the seiyuu?: datadog05, eldarian12, vroom08, darkevangel07

Jams!: venus11, elrond08, january05

Gamer Guess:  familyphoto08, fullbloom02, charmpoint14, megaevolution07

ESP Testing Center (Level 1): fluffy10, junes11, orpheus11

Crazy card: loverscarlet02, gao02, goldring08, eyepatch04, repeat08, whaleshark11

Matching cards: repeat14, bronco14

April 16, 2015

Task 7 Questing- primavera10, vinewhip04, valentines08, red pencil, purple pencil

Spellcasting- Pencil set

Task 8 Questing- Pencil Set, 2 milks, 2 magazines

Finished Questing- Prize A- Release Spree, kazaana01, tomochin02, purpleheart03, burstingflair04, free-spirited13, anguishedone04, moles02, dolphin13, crimsonrose07, kazama07, artificialcorolian14, devilmessengers06, genocide12, carmine15, gekkanshoujo12, flowershower20, 2 milks, 2 magazines, blue pencil, red pencil

Grabby Hands- confectionary09, guitar05, selfless04, synthesizer12, stmichaels02, stmicheals08,

Special Service 11- hatsuko14, selphia09, yellow pencil

Buzz-in!- shrinemaiden11, kazahana07, dragonsmoke09, science05, bar10


MotW: regalia02, hustle15, sands09, suzaku05, sao14, bundledup12, noiziito09, megaevolution08, magazine

Bookshelf: scissors01, sakanoshita07, knowledge04

ESP Testing Center (Normal): charmpoint05, entei11

ESP Testing Center (Level 5): bronco03, created13, orpheus13, ctarl14

ESP Testing Center (Level 7): tuturu03, doctor09, lobster11, butterfly02, northside12, innocence02

Gamer Guess: photo03, princes13, scheming01, water20

Who's the seiyuu?: disqualified02, pharmaceuticals06, happyrainbow08, scheming09

Matching cards: spatial06, uncute11, literary01, scanner06

Crazy card: beanie12, patissier02, scruffy13, suzaku06, mentalout04, pianist07












April 17, 2015

Freebies: observant11, endless03, finalepisode15, yokoportraits05

Freebies: marshmallow13, tyrant15, longgoodbye05, food04

Hangman's gambit: newtype06, grandking12, playful03, hallmonitor01, capture15, lightspeed13, takarairihito12

Puzzle: violin13, yosuga15, starmagic07, blastia06, tsukki03milk

Memory Game: bluesummers04, lala-lulu09, jupiter12, suffering15, chui08, magazine

Memory Game: ruinmode02, vocals07, pisces12, enforcer14, lotus08, magazine

Sailing expeditions: yosuga04, spacetime06, witch09, sleepover13

April 18, 2015

Puzzle Chain 1- invader06, orpheus03, blood09

Puzzle Chain 2- cantonese09, lalalulu05, libero10, masks03  

Puzzle chain 3-  baticul13, charmpoint07, paopu09, inari04, revelations09, arland03

Puzzle chain 4- Milk

Puzzle Chain 5-senapro09, nyanperona08, mirror15, risette05, aquarius13, magazine


















April 20, 2015

Level Up: faketoss10, steel06, righteye05, christmas04,

Mastered climber: faketoss14, faketoss15, whitefairy03, gangleader03, libero03, dowmansayman18,

Mastered faketoss: piano05, piano11, plant08, nekomata11, villkiss13, clamp20,

Mastered sleepover: graffiti03, graffiti04, reincarnation03, harpielady14, bluestar11, iceflower12, graypencil

April 21, 2015

Collections 14- teikou01, blue01

Word Hunt 13- wolfdog04, june07, fool15, greenheart07, darkevangel06, calligrapy11, yellow pencil

Shop- Traded 2 Pencil Sets and 6 milks for- graffiti06, graffiti08, makeup15, makeup16, piano14, scissorblade09, vocals05, focus07, vocals10, vocals11, scissorblade10, scissorblade13, mirrorcity05, bar13, manager05, endless12, respawn01, amitie12, pervert07, unselfish13, relations02, shepard104, calamity07, candles11, regnum08, protest12, shoryuha07, hermes03, skateboard15, lightspeend04, worldclass04, dragonslave07, headless08, gandr04, siren14, imaginebreaker12, scissorblade14, scissorblade15, makeup17, makeup18, makeup19, clamp13

Mastered piano: paralysis09, paralysis10, artemisia07, lala-lulu13, housenka04, fullblossom07

Mastered vocals: paralysis11, paralysis12, dawnking01, mavrou09, lithuania05, trionfi03,

Mastered scissorblade: paralysis15, focus08, mastermanipulator12, research12, twin06, kuroyuki19

Mastered paralysis: focus09, focus14, aprilfool13, hope01, spectrophobia05, kishidamel04,

Mastered makeup: clamp14, clamp15, rhythm04, waywardwind14, carmilla09, rorona11, magazine

April 24, 2015

Grabby Hands- orpheus02, focus04, focus06, focus15, violin06, stmichaels11

Bookshelf: adviser11, apologetic05, deceive08

ESP Testing Center (Level 6): swimmer01, tsukiyomi15, daughter04, balloons03, sailors03

Gamer Guess: terran08, veda07, gal01, trionfi14

Who's the seiyuu?: usu08, bestba11

Matching cards: beehive04, siren07, orgia10, piercings01

Jams!: archenemy15, radishes03, balloons02

Crazy card: tsukki07, charmpoint15, firstsight10, anguishedone12, earthshaker01, takeoutbox01







April 27, 2015

Spellcasting 19.5- breast03, butterfly03, samezuka01, sprinter04, isis02

Buzz in 31- aurorafantasy13, mentalout01, facade11, meltdowner13, watermagic11

April 29, 2015

Trade with Jun- Bungee10, chimerants07, haggler12, heliohapt08, voice12, femaleshepards16, beehive02, beehive03, bepsi12, jupiter07, starmagic11, graffiti11

May 6, 2015

Riri has decided to leave Himitsu and has gifted me with:

Magazine x9

Pinkpencil: 7

Redpencil: 8

Yellowpencil: 3

Greenpencil: 7

Bluepencil: 3

Purplepencil: 3

Greypencil: 5



mn_ghosthunt01, mn_ghosthunt02, mn_ghosthunt03, mn_ghosthunt04, mn_ghosthunt05

mn_princeoftennisafterschool01, mn_princeoftennisafterschool02, mn_princeoftennisafterschool03

mn_zombieloan01, mn_zombieloan02, mn_zombieloan03, mn_zombieloan04, mn_zombieloan05, mn_zombieloan06

SINGLES: 100th01, ability06, across01, across10, across14, aestusestus06, aestusestus09, aestusestus11, affinity04, affinity05, affinity07, agent01, agent10, ahoki02, ahoki15, aimstalker03, aimstalker15, airfriend09, airfriend14, airking15, aitakatta04, aki-lucky11, al-thamen01, allmate14, amahara08, amarcian13, america15, amitadrive01, amonra02, amonra13, andromeda05, andromeda11, androphobia02, androphobia10, angelmort12, angelwings08, angelwings11, anguishedone02, anti-esp05, anythinggoes08, anythinggoes09, aoitori10, apologetic07, apothecary06, apothecary10, apothecary14, appetite09, appetite12, appraiser03, apprentice02, aprilfool01, aprilfool02, aprilfool03, aprilfool03, aprilfool05, aprilfool10, aprilfool12, aprilfool14, aquamarine14, aquarius02, aquarius03, aquarius03, aquarius07, aquarius15, aquila02, aquila10, aquila13, archery01, arcoftime11, ariadoney03, ariadoney12, aries01, aries02, aries04, aries05, aries10, aries10, aries11, aries12, aries13, aristocrat02, aristocrat03, arphage07, arrogant06, arrogant07, arrogant08, arrogant13, artemisia02, artemisia07, assistant02, auroraprincess06, auroraprincess08, automail15, automail15, awaken05, axe02, axe13, aye02, aye11, azolto03, azolto06, azran04, azran13, azunyan14,

b-rabbit08, babypink01, backstroke07, balbadd11, ballad08, bar08, bar12, barrels10, barrels10, barrels11, barrels11, barrels13, baseball03, baticul01, battlethong15, bazongas09, beasthigh01, beasthigh04, beater04, beater12, beauty14, beautyqueen08, believer15, benishigure04, benishigure06, bestba11, bestba15, bestfriend01, bestfriend02, bestfriend08, bingo13, birds09, blackdog03, blackdog13, blackdog15, blackheart01, blackheart02, blackheart06, blackheart12, blackheart13, blackrose11, bladeworks04, bladeworks07, bladeworks08, bladeworks10, blastia01, blastia15, blitzball01, blitzball02, blitzball04, blitzball07, blitzball15, blizzard06, blood07, blood11, blood13, blood15, bluerose11, bluerose12, bluestar08, bluestar10, bluesummers01, bluesummers02, bluesummers03, bluesummers04, bluesummers05, bluesummers06, bluesummers07, bluesummers08, bluesummers09, bluesummers10, bluesummers11, bluesummers12, bluesummers13, bluesummers14, blush02, bodyguards05, bohemiansky12, bold08, bold12, bolverk03, bookman06, boots06, bossun07, bossun14, bounty02, bountyhunter08, boya01, boya02, boya03, boya04, boya11, boyb02, boyb05, boyb10, boyb11, brain12, brainthunder08, brainthunder10, breeder03, brigadechief01, brigadechief11, brigadechief15, broom12, brush02, brush09, bullettrain15, bungee12, bungee15, bunny01, bunt08, busty10, busty11, butler03, butler08, butler12, butler14, butterspy01, butterspy12, byakuei08, cages07, cakepig12, calamity05, calamity08, calamity14, calligraphy15, callous13, calnus01, calnus08, calnus10, calnus12, canaan01, canaan11, canti-sama03, cantonese04, cantonese06, cantonese13, capisce10, capisce13, capricorn05, capricorn10, captain04, captain06, capture03, capture15, carbon01, carbon09, carbon10, carmilla07, carnage10, carnage14, carrot05, carrot11, catastrophe03, catastrophe07, catastrophe07, catcher07, catgirl03, catgirl04, catgirl15, celestial13, cello14, ceres03, certainty04, chakra02, chakra12, charmpoint05, chases09, cheerful12, chef10, cherryblossom07, chevalier02, chevalier05, chevalier14, chibimoon01, chibimoon02, chibimoon03, chibimoon04, chibimoon09, chibimoon11, chibimoon12, chibimoon13, chibimoon15, childish07, chimeraants06, chimeraants08, chizu05, chizu08, chizu11, chroniclekey04, chroniclekey07, chroniclekey09, chroniclekey12, chui12, chui15, cindy02, clarinet07, clarinet12, clarinet15, classical11, cleanfreak02, cleanfreak15, cleanup11, climber10, clover01, clover13, clutchhitter05, clutchhitter14, coach01, coach07, collar01, combat12, commander15, commercial05, commercial11, commoner06, commoner09, commoner10, commoner12, commoner14, competitive11, composer12, composer15, conceal01, conceal03, conceal06, conceal07, conceal08, conceal12, conceal15, conductor09, conductor10, conductor12, conductor15, confectionary15, confident09, confident10, confident11, confident13, contract02, conviction04, conviction09, cook07, cook11, cooperation02, copy08, copy12, copying11, copying15, core03, cory01, cory03, cory10, cory11, courage13, courage14, coward03, crab08, created05, crimsonrose11, crocodile04, crocodile15, crossdress07, crowds12, crownclown08, crybaby05, crybaby09, ctarl10, ctarl11, curious14, cyberblader05, cyberblader06, dancer06, dantalion04, dantalion05, dantalion08, darkevangel01, darkevangel02, darkevangel05, darkness06, darkness08, darkness15, darts13, daru15, data02, data06, data07, data14, datadog08, datadog08, dawn09, dawnking03, death05, death14, death15, deceive07, deceive10, deculture09, deculture11, dedicatus05, defense02, delinquent07, demifiend03, demonic05, demonic10, demonic11, destiny02, destiny02, devil03, devil04, devil15, devotion02, devotion09, dielorelei03, dielorelei06, dispatch02, dispatch03, dispatch04, dispatch07, dispatch08, dispatch09, dispatch15, disqualified11, diva08, divineassault06, divineassault12, dna01, dna04, dna08, dobato04, doctor06, doctor13, dominion05, doubts07, doujin15, dragon14, dragonslave11, dragonslave14, dragonslave15, dragonsmoke02, drama01, draw05, draw11, drawing01, drawing11, dreamycrown05, drjackal02, drjackal06, drjackal15, dryjuice07, dryjuice09, dusk02, dusk11, dust15, dynames06, dynames11, earth15, earthshaker01, earthshaker02, eat01, eat02, eat10, eating01, eccentric02, eccentric03, eccentric07, effort12, egret10, eighth14, eighth15, eldarian02, eldarian10, eldarian13, elemental02, elemental03, elemental11, eleventhson11, elrond04, embarrassed11, embarrassed12, endlave07, endlave08, endlave13, endless01, endless03, endless05, energetic09, energetic13, enforcer04, engines05, england01, england02, england02, england03, england04, england09, england13, enjoying09, entei03, entei04, entei06, entei07, entei08, entei11, entei12, entei13, entei15, equal13, eternal10, etudes04, etudes08, etudes14, etudes14, euterpe04, euterpe08, euterpe12, evileyes01, evileyes06, evileyes09, evileyes14, excalibur02, exodus04, exodus13, exorcist01, exorcist12, exorcist15, explorer02, explorer08, explorer09, explosives06, expressionless01, expressionless08, expressionless11, expressionless14, expressionless15, eyelashes01, eyepatch03, eyeshield04, eyeshield07, fabulous06, fabulous11, faculty01, fairy15, fairytales10, fairytales12, fan03, fan07, fan12, fanalis08, fanservice08, fanservice09, fantasista03, featherboa01, featherboa05, featherboa07, featherboa09, featherboa14, featherfolk01, fellpool02, fellpool05, fenia04, fenia08, fenia15, fenia15, fiancee02, fiancee03, fiancee11, fifthson06, fifthson12, fighter14, fimbulventr07, firstchild01, firstchild04, firstchild14, firstsight14, firstsight15, flag02, flame08, flash09, flash12, flowers06, flowers09, flowers10, fluffy10, fluffy11, flugel02, flute02, flute04, fodra04, fogtroupe09, forced01, forced05, forced11, forests06, four-leaf13, four07, foxmask01, foxmask03, foxmask05, foxmask06, foxmask06, foxmask10, foxmask12, frail02, frail03, frail06, frail14, free-spirited02, free-spirited09, free-spirited10, freedom01, freedom14, freestyle11, freewill04, friends10, friends10, friendship09, fullmoon05, futari03, futari04, futuringgirl15, gaebolg02, gaebolg06, gaebolg15, gal15, galax01, galax15, gandr04, gandr06, gandr06, gandr09, gandr11, gangleader06, gangster14, ganymede09, gardener03, gardener10, gay01, gay06, gay06, gemini05, gemmy11, genius07, ghostsweeper03, ghostsweeper07, glimmerous01, glimmerous13, godkiller11, godofdeath13, goodluck01, goodluck10, governor08, governor12, governor13, governor14, goya06, goya07, goya08, goya10, goya15, grandking07, grandking12, greenheart01, guitar01, guitar09, gymnast05, gymnast14, hacker05, hacker08, hacker09, hacker10, haggler05, haggler11, hallmonitor07, hamhands06, hammer06, hammer07, happyrainbow02, happyrainbow10, happyrainbow12, harasho05, harpielady07, harpielady10, hastur07, hastur11, hatcher05, hatchin03, hatchin11, headchef01, healer09, heavyarms02, heavyarms04, heavyarms07, heibon06, heibon07, heibon13, heliohapt02, heroic01, heroic05, heroic06, heroic07, heroic10, highlander07, himeko02, himeko12, hindrance11, hindrance13, hiraikotsu03, hiraikotsu13, hokage05, hold01, hold05, hold06, hold06, hold09, hollie07, hollie09, hollie15, homunculus04, homunculus04, homunculus06, homunculus11, homunculus14, hope02, hosenka15, housenka01, housenka03, housenka13, humanchild02, humanchild03, humanchild08, humanchild08, humanchild15, humantyphoon12, hungry15, hunter01, hunter09, hunter13, hustle03, hustle04, hustle14, hyperactive01, hyperactive02, hyperactive03, hyperactive04, hyperactive05, hyperactive14, hypnosis06, hypnosis08, hypnosis13, iaijutsu11, iaijutsu13, iaijutsu15, ice11, iceflower03, identical01, identical09, identical12, illomen08, imaginebreaker09, imitation08, imitation09, imitation13, imitation13, imperatore12, imposters03, improvements03, improvements06, improvements09, improvements09, inari06, inferno01, inferno03, inferno05, inlove03, innovator07, instruct11, intoner11, inugami05, inugami08, invader10, invader13, ioryogi10, isis10, isis13, island08, iwant09, jaganshi08, jellyfish07, jump10, jump10, junes10, jupiter01, jupiter04, jupiter05, jupiter06, jupiter07, jupiter09, jupiter10, jupiter12, jupiter13, jupiter14, justice06, justice14, kage11, kage13, kaiser14, kalina02, kalina15, kamikakushi13, kaminoko01, kaminoko04, kasshin13, katana14, kattobing13, kattobing14, kattobing15, kazaana06, kazaana07, kazama06, kazama08, kazama15, kemeko06, kendo14, kenjutsu02, keyblade14, killjoy03, kingcybody13, kiramekirari02, knife01, knife02, knife02, knife07, knife08, knight09, knight11, knowledge08, knowledge15, knuckles07, knuckles09, kodachi12, kodachi14, kojiharu01, kojiharu05, kosmos03, kosmos15, kouhai03, kouhai05, kritya03, kritya04, kritya07, kritya08, kusarigama12, kusarigama15, lala-lulu11, lazy04, lazy05, leader12, leaves02, leaves14, leekspin11, lempicka14, lemuris13, lemuris13, leo08, leocorp04, liaison06, liaison10, liaison12, libero07, libero09, libra02, libra06, lifeenergy10, light09, lightning05, lightning09, lightningcount01, lightningcount01, lightningcount02, lightningcount03, lightningcount08, lightningcount09, lightningcount14, lightningmagic04, lightningmagic05, lightningmagic07, lightningmagic09, lightningrod13, lightspeed02, lightspeed09, lily09, lily10, lily10, lily14, limbs07, limbs09, limbs12, limbs15, literary02, literary12, literature02, literature09, lithuania04, lithuania04, littlebird06, littledevil02, littledevil13, littlethief10, littlethief15, littlewitch01, littlewitch02, littlewitch03, littlewitch04, littlewitch05, littlewitch07, littlewitch07, littlewitch08, littlewitch10, littlewitch12, littlewitch13, littlewitch14, lobster02, lobster11, logic02, logic14, logic15, logic15, loligothic08, lonelycat04, lorelei07, lorelei12, lorelei13, lotus09, loveletter01, loveletter02, loveletter05, loveletter10, lovemoonrise15, lovercerulean01, lovercerulean02, lovercerulean03, lovercerulean04, lovercerulean15, loverepinard01, loverepinard02, loverepinard03, loverepinard06, loverscarlet01, loversulfur14, lovervesta01, lovervesta02, lovervesta03, lovervesta04, lovervesta11, lumberjack15, luna01, luna03, luna04, luna10, lunartear03, lunartear04

, magicaltoy01, magicblue05, magicblue07, magicblue13, magitek04, magitek05, mago04, mago05, mago10, mago13, magoi09, major03, major07, major12, malamute11, manager07, manager10, manipulative15, manipulative15, maouthehand05, maouthehand12, maouthehand13, marble03, marble06, marble12, marble12, march13, mars07, mars10, marshmallow13, martillo02, martillo03, martillo08, martillo12, mask07, masked03, masked04, masked05, masked14, masked14, matto04, matto08, matto10, matto13, maturity02, mavrou01, mavrou04, mavrou08, mavrou10, mavrou15, maxwell03, maxwell06, mayonnaise07, mayonnaise08, mayqueen03, mayushi07, mayushi10, mayushi12, mayushi12, mayushi12, meat07, mechanic04, mechanic11, medicalbill08, medicinebreak15, medium10, meganest02, meganest04, meganest11, meganest13, meimei11, melodist03, melodist03, meltdowner02, meltdowner05, mentor03, mentor04, mentor06, mercenary03, mercenary06, mercenary08, mercury09, merines12, meruru12, mikazuki03, mikorin03, minicon06, minicon12, mirror14, mirrorcity14, mission01, mission14, mist09, mizuho04, mizuho13, mizuho15, mjolnir14, monoculus01, monoculus04, monoculus05, monoculus10, monoculus12, monsterrookie07, monsterrookie11, moon04, moon05, moon08, moon12, morisummer01, morisummer02, morisummer04, morisummer07, morisummer07, morisummer09, morte01, mountaingod06, mountaingod09, mountaingod15, mountaingod15, mountains04, mugiwara06, mugiwara15, muscles09, muscles12, musicboxes10, musicboxes11, muskets07, mustasim15, musubi04, musubi13, mute09, mysteryroom07, mysteryroom07, mysteryroom12, mystic05, mystic14, naginata05, naginata11, naginata14, naked12, nankurunaisa13, naohs07, narcolepsy02, narcolepsy08, narcolepsy09, nataku15, nataku15, neet11, neptune01, neptune03, neptune06, neptune07, neptune10, neptune11, neptune12, neptune15, newtype01, nightmarepain11, nirvash13, nova01, nova05, nova09, nya05, nya07, nya09, nya10, nya14, nyan09, nyanperona02, nyanperona05, nyanperona08, nyanperona08, nyanperona10, nyarlathotep05, nyarlathotep13, nymph10, oarfish12, oarfish13, obey02, obey12, observant05, observant06, observant09, octopus06, offensearmor01, offensearmor02, offensearmor03, offensearmor04, offensearmor06, offensearmor07, offensearmor09, offensearmor10, offensearmor11, offensearmor12, offensearmor13, okonomiyaki10, omoro15, onigiri01, onigiri02, onigiri03, onigiri04, onigiri05, onigiri06, onigiri07, onigiri08, onigiri09, onigiri10, onigiri11, onigiri12, ooparts05, open01, open05, open13, ophelia02, orange10, orangeprincess11, orgia06, origamicyclone06, otomegane08, otomegane13, outbursts02, outbursts06, outside07, overconfident04, overconfident07, overconfident11, pacifist07, paimon14, palmtop06, palmtop09, palmtop12, palmtop15, paopu04, paopu06, paopu15, parasol07, parasol11, parfait02, parfait05, parfait07, parfait11, patissier03, peace01, peakspider11, peakspider15, perceive07, perceive08, perceive11, perceive15, persocom02, pervert08, pervert12, pervert14, phantomdaughter11, phantomdaughter11, pharaoh05, pharaoh09, pharaoh15, pharmaceuticals02, phonestrap07, photographer02, photographer05, photographer14, photography11, photon01, photon05, photon07, photon14, pianist08, piano12, piano14, piano15, pictures11, pictures15, piercings09, pig-latin15, pilot01, pilot04, pilot09, pilot15, pinkist12, pisces05, pizzicato07, pizzicato08, pizzicato14, plant03, plant06, plant14, platinum03, platinum05, platinum07, platinum13, playboy05, playboy08, playboy15, plushie02, pocketwatch04, pocketwatch05, pointguard06, pointguard07, pokeralice01, pokeralice11, poland05, poland06, poland08, poland13, police09, policeman03, policeman10, poplar10, popstep02, positive05, priestess07, priestess12, priestess15, prince04, prince06, prince15, princess07, princess11, prissy14, prosecute01, prosecute08, protector03, protector08, protest01, protest04, protest11, protest13, prototype01, prototype05, prototype08, puns12, pure-blood11, queen02, queen06, queen14, radiance01, radio04, rahtilt01, rahtilt07, rahtilt07, rahtilt10, rahtilt11, rahtilt13, raikiri02, raikiri12, railgun08, railgun15, rainfell03, rainfell06, rainfell07, rainfell08, randomdiary01, ranguren05, ranguren10, ratprince01, rayearth01, recall03, recall15, receive02, record01, record03, record06, record10, record12, record13, record14, recorder01, recorder03, recruit03, redeyes01, redeyes14, redflash09, redflash11, redking01, redrose08, redrose11, redshield04, redshield12, redshield15, reflection07, regalia02, regnum12, regnum13, regnum14, reimempire02, reimempire06, reimempire07, reimempire09, reimempire10, reimempire11, reimempire11, reimempire13, reimempire15, reincarnation05, reincarnation10, reisys02, reisys09, reisys15, relief09, relief11, renovate02, repeat04, repeat06, repeat09, repeat10, representative14, research02, research03, research08, resolute01, resolute10, respawn01, revenge05, revenge13, revenge14, revolution08, rewrite02, rewrite07, rewrite08, rewrite12, rhythm01, rhythm02, rhythm03, rhythm04, risette03, risette05, risette06, risette09, rorona01, rorona01, rorona03, rorona07, rosary05, rose01, rosebride03, rosebride05, rosebride07, rosebride07, rosebride08, rosebride09, rosebride10, rosebride12, rosebride13, rosebride14, rosenqueen02, rosepin01, rosepin05, rosepin10, rosepin11, ruin07, ruinmode06, ruinmode06, ruinmode10, rukh10, runny07, runny09, ryouran02, ryouran05, ryouran08, ryouran15, sagittarius04, sagittarius04, sagittarius06, sagittarius07, sagittarius07, sagittarius10, sagittarius12, sakabatou07, sakabatou15, salamander05, salamander06, samurai04, samurai05, samurai06, sands01, sands08, sands12, santoryuu11, saru07, saturn01, saturn04, saturn05, saturn08, saturn10, saturn11, saturn11, saturn12, savior15, saxophone01, saxophone02, scar04, scar06, scar15, scarlet13, scarleteyes01, scarleteyes11, scarleteyes15, schiff02, schiff03, schiff08, schiff14, schiff14, schism05, schism11, schoolprince03, schoolprince03, schoolprince06, schoolprince13, science13, scissorblade03, scissors10, scissors11, scoop06, scoop11, scorpio10, scowl02, scratch01, scruffy12, scythe11, seagull01, seagull12, seamstress15, seaotter12, searching07, secondchild05, secondchild11, seeking14, seeress11, seeress14, senbonzakura02, sensory15, sentinel05, sentinel13, sentinel15, seventhson03, seventhson11, seventhson13, seventhson15, sh-10114, sh-10115, shades10, shadowhunter01, shadowhunter06, shadowhunter12, shadowhunter15, shadowhunter15, shadowless06, shadowless07, sharilton04, sharilton12, sharilton14, sharilton14, shark02, sharp02, sharp06, shattered07, shattered11, shattered13, shepherd105, shepherd113, shige-nii05, shige-nii15, shinigamieyes07, shinigamieyes09, shinigamieyes15, shinigamieyes15, shinigamihime13, shinigamihime14, shining13, shiningone12, shiningone13, shiranui05, shiranui13, shirogamon15, shopkeeper01, shopkeeper02, shopkeeper03, shopkeeper03, shopkeeper04, shopkeeper08, shopkeeper11, shoryuha09, shoujo05, shower09, shower14, shrimp04, shrimp10, shy04, shy09, shy13, sigmund02, sincerity05, sincerity09, sincerity14, sindria01, sindria08, sing08, singer08, singer12, single09, single10, single10, siren12, siscon03, siscon03, siscon07, siscon11, sit09, sit12, sit14, sixthson01, sixthson02, sixthson03, sixthson04, sixthson06, sixthson12, sixthson13, sixthson15, skateboard01, skateboard07, skillout08, skullcastle07, skullcastle15, sky07, skypirate15, slingshot02, slingshot14, smallgiant06, smallgiant07, smiles11, smiles14, snake03, snake08, snake14, snake15, snakeeyes04, sochin08, sochin11, sociopath12, softball06, solitary01, solitary05, solitary06, solitary07, solitary14, solution07, sopheria01, sopheria08, soulbee04, soulbee13, soundwave03, soundwave06, soundwave13, soup11, souschef14, souschef14, souschef15, southmaiden01, southmaiden09, space02, space04, space10, spacetime11, spacetime11, spear04, spectrophobia07, sphilia08, spicyageha05, spicyageha14, spindash05, spiritsword02, spiritsword04, spiritsword05, spiritsword06, spiritsword07, spiritsword10, spiritsword11, spiritsword11, spiritsword14, spiritwave10, spiritwave14, split05, split07, split08, splitpersonality02, splitpersonality09, splitpersonality09, splitsoul01, splitsoul07, splitsoul14, spontaneous03, sportsmanship01, spot01, spot02, spot03, spot15, starmagic04, starmagic06, starmagic09, starmagic12, stationery12, stationery12, stationery13, stationery15, steak07, steal03, steal11, steiner11, sterk05, strain09, stray15, strongest08, strongest13, styx03, succubus01, succubus03, succubus04, succubus05, succubus08, succubus10, succubus11, suffering05, suffering09, suffering12, suidream15, suit04, suit06, suit09, sun02, sun04, sunny04, superhero02, superhero03, superhero06, superhero09, superhero10, superiorprivate06, support11, support12, support12, susanoo01, susanoo08, suspend12, suspend15, sutras14, suzaku01, suzume06, sweetpotato05, swimmer04, swingrock01, swingrock02, swingrock03, swingrock04, swingrock05, swingrock06, swingrock07, swingrock08, swingrock09, swingrock10, swingrock11, swingrock12, swingrock13, switch07, switch08, switch11, switch14, swordsmanship08, swordsmanship15, sylvarant13, symbologist12, synthesizer06, synthesizer08, synthesizer10, synthesizer13, synthesizer15, syringe06, syringe07, tableware02, tableware07, takeoutbox01, takeoutbox06, takeoutbox11, takeoutbox12, takeoutbox15, takoyaki09, takoyaki09, takoyaki13, tarot03, tarot10, taser05, taser08, tastymeow06, tatami10, tatami11, tatami13, taurus01, taurus01, taurus02, taurus04, taurus06, taurus08, taurus09, taurus15, teacher01, teacher02, teacher03, teleport02, teleport15, temperanza06, temperanza12, testpilot04, testpilot06, testpilot09, tethealla14, texting03, texting11, theend10, thief01, thief02, thief03, thief04, thief05, thief06, thief08, thief11, thief13, thirdchild13, thunder04, thunder10, timid07, titans04, titans07, titans12, titans15, toadstool06, tokunaga02, tokunaga07, tokunaga13, tomboy11, tomboy11, tomochin15, tonarini07, tonedeaf06, totori14, tower04, tower12, trader09, trainer08, tricks06, tricks07, trigger01, trigger02, trigger05, trigger07, trigger08, trigger10, trigger12, trigger13, trigger14, trumpet12, trumpet13, truth02, truth06, tsukiyomi09, tsukiyomi11, tsukiyomi11, tsukiyomi12, tutu05, tutu05, tutu13, tutu15, tuxedo02, twisted02, twisted15, twistserve01, twistserve12, tyr14, uncle05, uncute01, uncute02, uncute03, uncute04, uncute05, uncute11, underworld01, underworld12, unpleasant06, unpleasant14, unselfish04, untouchable09, untouchable13, untouchable14, uranus01, uranus01, uranus02, uranus08, uranus09, uranus10, uranus12, uranus13, uranus14, uranus15, useless03, useless05, useless13, usu14, valkyria07, valkyria11, valkyria14, valvrave06, variable02, variable12, varna14, vassal10, vassal10, vassal11, vectors02, vectors07, vehicroid12, venus01, venus06, venus07, venus13, venusian03, venusian08, viena08, vinea14, viola02, viola04, violin08, virgo05, viridian10, viscera06, viscera08, viscera14, visfarank11, visfarank14, visualkei02, visualkei13, vividkiss02, vividkiss09, vocals15, voice06, vroom12, vroom15, wander09, warm05, warm14, watermagic02, watermagic05, watermagic07, watermagic08, watermagic09, watermagic11, watermagic12, watermagic15, waywardwind07, whaleshark04, whaleshark10, whip06, whip07, whip08, whip11, whitefairy08, whiteheart10, whiterice03, widow03, widow04, widow13, wildcat04, wildtiger03, wildtiger13, wildtiger14, windam05, wingzero10, wingzero15, witchcraft02, witchcraft09, witchcraft09, witchtrainee11, wolfdemon01, wolfdog06, wolfdog08, womanhood02, wombat12, worlddomination08, worldpeace05, wrestler07, writer11, xing02, xing06, xing15, xiv01, xxii08, xxii15, yakushi05, yatagarasu02, yatagarasu06, yatagarasu10, yatagarasu12, yatagarasu14, yato04, yo-yos09, yo-yos11, yoko01, yoko02, yoko03, yoko05, yoko06, yoko09, yoko10, yoko13, yoko14, yosuga05, yosuga06, youmu07, youou07, yui-nyan01, yui-nyan01, yui-nyan06, yukimura12, yukimura15, yukimura15, yukiterudiary09, yunanate04, yunanate14, yunanate14, yurippe02, yurippe12, zabimaru02, zabimaru05, zabimaru08, zabimaru09, zagan12, zagan13, zero02, zero06, zero15, zodiva05


allabouttennis08, allabouttennis12, arcade06, arcade08, arcade10, astraeahill02, battlestance10, bebop04, blackorder05, blueroses02, bundledup03, burden07, cephiro04, crew07, crew12, crossroad01, detectives11, detention09, duelists07, duelists12, edo02, eldertale04, eldertale05, falchion07, falchion14, fenithisland06, finalepisode14, florists01, flowershop06, foreverfriends01, foreverfriends02, foreverfriends03, foreverfriends04, foreverfriends05, foreverfriends06, future09, generationzero01, generationzero05, generationzero11, giselle10, goggles01, graffiti10, graffiti13, graffiti14, graffiti15, hamsters10, highschoolarc01, hill10, hoenn07, homra06, hovercraft02, hovercraft04, hovercraft09, ijime10, ijime14, ikebukuro05, kidsontheslope05, kidsontheslope11, kurogumi12, labyrinthia02, lilies11, longgoodbye03, lostchristmas06, lostchristmas13, lostchristmas14, lull10, meiji11, meiji12, mewmews14, miracleromance09, muse01, newfuture13, nonarygame03, nonarygame08, numbers11, pajamas15, paraiso10, pre-parade01, rally14, redo04, redo13, redo14, restaurant10, rpg02, rpg11, ruckus13, scions01, sees04, sees12, sevendays09, shounentantei07, silverstarstory01, sisters03, sisters05, sket-dan03, snowday01, snowday02, snowday03, snowday04, snowday05, snowday06, sos02, sos11, sphinx07, spring05, spring07, spring09, spring13, spring14, starlightacademy06, starlightacademy13, stkleio12, subway10, summer04, summer07, sunflowers15, sutekidane12, takemyrevolution01, takemyrevolution02, takemyrevolution03, takemyrevolution04, takemyrevolution05, takemyrevolution06, takemyrevolution07, takemyrevolution08, takemyrevolution09, takemyrevolution10, takemyrevolution11, takemyrevolution12, takemyrevolution13, teamdeva12, teamrider04, teamseven13, teddybear01, teddybear02, teddybear03, teddybear06, teddybear07, teddybear08, teikou01, teikou06, thememories01, thememories15, tokyolockdown10, trainees03, tropical06, tropical14, trustybell08, violetnight09, voxpilots10, voxpilots12, voxpilots15, winter02, winter05, winter10, winter12, winter14, zweiwing15


2013debut11, 2013debut12, 2013debut19, adepts05, adepts20, aiyazawa06, aiyazawa08, allcolor06, allcolor11, allcolor15, allcolor20, allstars05, anmi16, arcana01, arcana02, arcana03, arcana05, arcana06, arcana07, arcana08, arcana11, arcana13, arcana14, arcana18, arcana20, arinatanemura01, arinatanemura02, arinatanemura03, arinatanemura05, arinatanemura07, arinatanemura09, arinatanemura09, arinatanemura11, arinatanemura12, arinatanemura14, arinatanemura17, arinatanemura17, arinatanemura18, artestella01, artestella05, artestella20, birth10, blue01, blue03, blue09, blue10, blue11, blue12, blue13, blue15, cardcaptor05, cardcaptor09, cardcaptor15, cardcaptor20, chibis04, chinatsukurahana01, chinatsukurahana02, chinatsukurahana05, chinatsukurahana08, chinatsukurahana11, chinatsukurahana12, chinatsukurahana20, christmas12, christmas13, clamp17, clamp18, clow01, clow05, clow08, clow10, clow15, clow20, confuseray19, costumes20, darkmagic10, darkpulse08, demonblades06, dermond12, dowmansayman02, dragontype17, duelart17, elnido20, enamikatsumi09, eorzea02, eorzea18, exhibition10, fateextravisual09, femaleantagonists11, femalemitama01, femalemitama01, femalemitama02, femalemitama03, femalemitama04, femalemitama05, femalemitama06, femalemitama08, femalemitama10, femalemitama11, femalemitama12, femalemitama14, femalemitama14, femalemitama15, femalemitama16, femalemitama17, femalemitama19, femaleprotagonists09, femaleprotagonists15, femaleshepherds09, femaleshepherds10, femaleshepherds16, femaleshepherds19, finalsmash01, fire15, flamethrower20, flowershower16, food06, food07, food08, food16, food20, fullblossom14, gekkanshoujo04, ghosttrick01, ghosttrick01, glasses07, guertena03, guertena04, guertena08, guertena11, gundam18, h2so416, halloween03, halloween14, halloween20, hatsuko02, hidari04, hidari13, hiddengems10, hiddengems13, huke12, hyrule01, hyrule08, hyrule12, icebeam04, ikemenijin07, innocence08, innocence13, kazuaki03, kazuaki17, kazukiyone03, kazukiyone04, kazumakaneko05, keyblades03, keyblades08, keyblades12, keyblades15, kishidamel16, kishidamel17, kojimalalako02, kouhakukuroboshi15, kuroyuki17, kyuri03, kyuri04, lightmagic04, lovemaking16, lovemaking20, loveworks09, luxendarc01, luxendarc11, luxendarc15, luxendarc16, makeup05, makeup09, makeup14, maleshepherds01, maleshepherds12, maleshepherds13, maleshepherds20, manatree10, mariostory06, mariostory07, mariostory12, mariostory18, masks08, masks14, megaevolution05, megaten03, megaten07, mint08, miwashirow02, miwashirow04, miwashirow06, miwashirow07, miwashirow08, miwashirow12, miwashirow15, miwashirow19, moonblast10, motohagio01, mutuality17, natsukitakaya01, natsukitakaya02, natsukitakaya03, natsukitakaya04, natsukitakaya05, natsukitakaya06, natsukitakaya07, natsukitakaya08, natsukitakaya09, natsukitakaya10, natsukitakaya11, niaportraits02, niaportraits06, noiziito01, noiziito04, noiziito10, pocketgallery01, primavera12, primavera16, primavera18, rainbowspectrum04, rangemurata07, rangemurata10, rangemurata16, redjuice11, redjuice12, revelations12, revelations13, route12, s-rank02, s-rank11, saine01, saine14, saine20, satoi12, satoi16, schoolplay03, schooluniforms09, schooluniforms10, schooluniforms10, schooluniforms13, schooluniforms18, selphia06, selphia15, selphia16, servants02, sharance09, shidu09, shidu13, shigenorisoejima10, shinen02, shinen04, shinen19, shunyayamashita06, sinners08, sinners20, sleeptime03, sleeptime08, stmichaels11, stmichaels15, stmichaels17, stmichaels18, tagforce19, takarairihito03, takarairihito05, takarairihito08, takarairihito12, takarairihito19, take07, take19, tukijinao01, tukijinao01, tukijinao02, tukijinao03, tukijinao05, tukijinao06, tukijinao09, tukijinao11, tukijinao12, tukijinao17, tukijinao20, udajo05, valentines02, valentines07, vampires09, water01, water07, x02, yoshitakaamano05, youreyesonly12, youreyesonly18, zoanthrope14

allmate10, tsukiyomi10, analyst10, knofe05, programmer11, copying06, devil08, soothing14, ioryogi09, pisces10, flowers13, england13, coffee15, wildcat12, yoyos01, vectors10, plaster05, sphilia10, rewrite06, titans13

Anniversary Day 1- +2 deck donations, random special pack, radishes02, chroniclekey11, greenheart15, princess03, viscera02, kraehe07, chibimoon01, littlewitch02, awaken09, aprilfool06, beach04, restaurant12, pestering02, genocide07, goggles09, natsukitakaya12, stella12, elnido17, starter02, kishidamel13

Bunny Bonanza- shiranui02, peace13, mago01, toadstool10, butterfly03, safetypin04, receive10, punisher05, witchtrainee09, pharaoh03, scratch03, crownclown05, blue pencil

Discussion 33- data07, solitary11, icylake01

May 10

Weekly games

Bookshelf: anguishedone04, naked05, soothing04, embarrassed10, flowers14, awaken09, photon12, eat06, elrond14

ESP Testing Center (Level 2): toukendanshi20, 765pro03

Freebies: enthusiastic02, eleventhson01, sleepover06, exhibition03

Gamer Guess: twistserve09, headchef15, wander04, steadfast09, nanika05, analyst12, gao09, bluerose01, fiancee03, newyears03, chinatsukurahana19, mutuality19, toukendanshi14

Jams!: eccentric12, yato01, voice15, orpheus06, ruinmode06, wombat03, rosepetals07, mailbox14, digidestined07

Matching cards: angel13, delinquent13, blossom10, illomen05, saturn04











Extra Rounds

ESP Testing Center (Level 2): penguindrum03, miwashirow07

ESP Testing Center (Level 5): muskets12, broadway01, replicant06, azurewitch15

Freebies: relax08, datadog04, tropical11, s-rank06

Freebies: passing10, hyperactive03, flowertree07, x15

Memory Game: serpent10, inferno02, shoryuha05, redeyes13, shy03, treasurehunter02, mystic07, ghoul12, bakuzan12, barona05, magazine x3

Memory Game: sit11, endless13, apologetic07, fluffal01, replekia08, mystery02, firefist12, song09, compendium07, amahara10, magazine x3

Puzzle: samezuka10, violin14, sprinter10, bepsi09, tsukki15, milk

Puzzle: tsukki12, violin15, bepsi11, familyphoto05, lovercerulean13, milk







































Freebies from eights post





























May 11

Mastered jupiter: onigiri14, orpheus09, heroine02, tights11, spot10, tagforce04,

Mastered repeat: orpheus10, orpheus14, pure-blood06, diepencil13, etudes06, route06,

Mastered starmagic: beehive14, beehive15, bountyhunter04, paranormal14, caesar06, kuroyuki05,

Mastered synthesizer: heaven13, heaven15, absolute12, kosmos09, respawn10, take13,

Mastered conceal: inugami13, inugami14, aquamarine02, octopus08, rosary15, lastresort13,

Mastered focus: record04, record07, phantom09, southmaiden03, newtype02, shunyayamashita14,

Mastered earth: record08, record09, safetypin05, magitek02, ioryogi09, spellcaster05,

Mastered onigiri: saturn06, saturn07, senbonzakura03, idol05, brainthunder13, calmmind09,

Mastered orpheus: saturn09, saturn13, promisedvictory15, anko09, idol11, buriki01,

Mastered beehive: uncute07, uncute08, airfriend02, wafu01, mayushi07, collectibles11,

Mastered heaven: uncute09, uncute10, monoculus08, fimbulventr11, tights01, revelations03,

Mastered inugami: uncute12, butterfly04, stationery07, tricks09, yui-nyan14, chikaumino18,

Mastered record: butterfly11, butterfly12, radiance08, nyanperona04, frail08, masks02,

Mastered saturn: butterfly13, butterfly14, dynames13, skateboard01, vers06, amanoakira20,

Mastered uncute: assistant07, assistant08, meimei01, rukh15, chastiefol10, fujisaka09,

Mastered butterfly: assistant10, assistant11, fairy06, chibimoon08, vectors02, maleshepherds08,

Mastered stmichaels: shidu06, shidu07, candles04, mystery05, explorer10, chizu12, magazine

Mastered graffiti: teddybear04, teddybear05, thirdchild11, bullettrain07, beetles06, dryjuice04, redpencil

Mastered assistant: violin09, violin10, created14, darkmage12, relax15, ultimax06

Level Up: bepsi08, kusarigama11, arcadia13, moonblast15,

Level Up: bepsi13, photon05, pig-latin08, pocketgallery18, magazine

Level Up: bepsi14, suzaku08, whitefairy06, celestialspirits07,

Level Up: lovercerulean12, stamina14, mikazuki09, christmas20,

Level Up: lovercerulean11, inferno04, radiant08, christmas16,

Level Up: lovercerulean14, created02, gambler14, mooncoral10,

Level Up: venus04, archery07, mirrorcity07, h2so415,

Level Up: venus05, reflection04, testpilot04, halloween05

Level Up: venus08, trainer05, viola03, clamp06,

Level Up: venus09, kazahana13, barrels10, makeup10,

Level Up: venus12, moodmaker07, flamboyant11, pink09,

Level Up: venus14, protective03, windam04, femaleprotagonists16, magazine

Level Up: venus15, shirogamon07, fodra10, christmas16,

Mastered venus: bassguitar05, bassguitar07, insensitive03, revenge02, courage01, mooncoral06,

Mastered violin: bassguitar15, bassguitar10, ninthson04, lily07, pluto03, lastresort19,

<img src="http://jailynntcg.zohosites.com/files/15AprA.png">

1. tsukki13

2. underworld15

3. compendium111

4. susanoo12

5. mikorin13

6. chui13

p1. sunflower14

p2. hoenn10

s1. chinatsukurahana13

s2. shidu14


May 18, 2015

Shop- takemyrevolution15, teddybear10, teddybear11, teddybear12, teddybear13, teddybear14, pink10, pink11, pink12, pink13, pink14, pink15, pink18, pink19, tsukki11, whaleshark06, familyphoto07, goya05, manager02, mars06, mirror10, seaottter07, selfless03, breast14, confectionary03, isis15, whaleshark09, whaleshark14, familyphoto08, familyphoto10, goya09, goya12, reflection02, reflection08, seaotter07, seaotter08, selfless07, selfless08, compendium04, compendium15, confectionary07, confectionary10, confectionary12, confectionary13, goya14, mars08, mars09, mars11, mars14, anguishedone05, sakabatou03, artemisia02, forced15, snakeeyes12, whitefairy04, seaotter07, vroom03, haggler14, medium03, disqualified09, slingshot11, hypnosis12, bookman02, aquila09, observant14, sybak08, bounty09, synthesizer10, zagan10, outbursts05, embarrassed06, paperfan12, mystic02, sands04, analyst06, nurse13, takoyaki14, boyb10, mentor03, representative12, thief14, apothecary09, dragonslave02, yukimura11, spontaneous04, uranus08, skullcastle12, soothing15, pendulum04, swindler09, heartscope08, hacker13, vassal07, twistserve01, deculture10, nova08, confident13

Utsawa-beanie15, breast06, breast13, familyphoto09, grandking09, loversulfur05, loversulfur11, loverepinard15, mirror07, mirror09, rahtilt14, receive03, reflection12, seaotter09, selfless02, selfless06, soothing09, sprinter11, senapro05, tabris02, tabris08, tabris10, trumpet10, whaleshark07, cardcaptor02, chinatsukurahana14, lovemaking13, matsuri03, matsuri10, pink15, ultimax19, x04 for brush09, firstsight10, firstsight15, free-spirited02, free-spirited09, free-spirited10, free-spirited13, gemini05, goldring08, hindrance11, hindrance13, kingcybody13, kritya07, littlethief10, littlethief15, loveletter01, loveletter05, loveletter10, marshmallow13, meat07, photo03, safetypin04, saru07, savior12, shutendouji10, steal03, strain09, yatagarasu02, yatagarasu06, femaleshepherds09, h2so416, shunyayamashita06, udajo05, valentines02, valentines08, bundledup03, bundledup12, aaand crossroad01

Bookshelf: ratprince03, chui14, shinigamieyes10, nirvash08, inferno05, embarrassed15, senapro15, chevalier06, yurippe12

Who's the seiyuu?: lorelei09, angelmort08, yatagarasu06, thirdchild08

Throwback Thursday: shige-nii06, grandking04, flowers14, saturn03, unlicensed06, euterpe12, whiteprincess04, worldpeace01, loverscarlet10

Sailing expeditions: valvrave08, aries14, cindy11, forced03, senbonzakura14, younger02, vocals05, softball01, butler13, burden09, blueroses07, sphinx11

Matching cards: moon02, worlddomination09, bookman04, freckles02, haggler05, inspector15, song06, ability06, cleanfreak01, taurus02, aitakatta02, defy10, conclusions11, amitie01 ,h2so404 ,redpencil, purplepencil

Hangman's gambit: tsukiyomi11, mikorin15, composer02, freestyle07, reincarnation06, lovemaking15, milk

Gamer Guess: sit06, sakabatou 06, starter16, scheming06, loverscarlet13, secondchild02, artemisia06, contract14, mountaingod07, schooluniforms03, trionfi05, shirabi10

Freebies: cello03, shy06, seaotter10,  defy08, senapro01, schoolprince09, contest07, cephiro10, sunflowers08, northside20, food18, blue02

ESP Testing Center (Normal): neverknowsbest06, clarinet10, kage05, sopheria11

Crazy card: commercial10,  nekomata04, iwa-chan04, rhythm06, brigadechief05, trumpet06, uranus10, viena14, johnnyhunter06, bazongas13, muskets05, mikorin12

Puzzle: underworld11, wolfking04, risette04, shy12, manager04, beanie11, charmpoint06, freckles04, beanie01, scarf11milkmilk

Memory Game:  commercial14, humanchild15, beanie08, soothing12, defy09, freedom07, clarinet08, pokeralice12, drama08, lightningkick13, loverepinard10, lightningkick06,  charmpoint03, iwa-chan14, scheming04, cello01, humanchild07, pillar02, lightningkick14, carrot06

SUMMER VACATION: Sprinter09, compendium06, mars05, mirror08, seaotter13, reflection03, receive01, whaleshark15, confectionary02, familyphoto11, rahtilit02, isis08, goya13, pink07

puzzle chain 1: tuxedo04, muskets13, windam15, freestyle14,  priestess13, nekomata09, cats15, suzume08, dragonsmoke02

puzzle chain 2:

Donation: datadog07, seaotter11, mountaingod03, familyphoto12, clarinet11, sprinter15, mirror13, pink08

May 19, 2015

Mastered bassguitar: seaotter14, isis09, psychic08, transient12, prissy06, legendary03,

Mastered familyphoto: isis12, isis14, worlddomination11, prefect06, king05, icebeam01,

Mastered goya: breast05, breast08, wc02, iceflower12, sunny10, artestella11,

Mastered whaleshark: selfless10, selfless11, alpacas08, lunadial05, knowledge09, enamikatsumi19,

Mastered sprinter: breast09, breast11, apothecary09, outbursts10, renovate06, vofan02,

Mastered mars: selfless12, selfless14, faketoss11, scratch14, king12, 2013debut04,

Mastered mirror: selfless15, reflection04, demonic04, shower06, vengeance07, carmine08,

Mastered confectionary: reflection05, reflection10, russia09, cannon13, rosenqueen05, chinatsukurahana19,

Mastered samezuka: reflection11, reflection15, platinum02, monkeyking05, paperfan11, darkmagic09,

Mastered tsukki: datadog11, datadog15, monk09, shige-nii14, lovervesta09, femaleprotagonists12,

Mastered bepsi: datadog12, datadog13, tatami03, illness06, ippai07, mint10,

Mastered lovercerulean: datadog14, clarinet02, villkiss15, curse09, sockpuppet06, shiroamano16,

Mastered seaotter: clarinet03, clarinet04, anko13, police09, relations09, natsukitakaya18,

Mastered isis: clarinet05, clarinet06, bohemiansky13, righteye07, lempicka09, carmine04,

Mastered breast: compendium09, compendium10, recorder01, lempicka09, barrels12, revelations01

Mastered selfless: compendium12, compendium14, seamstress07, saru04, mentalout13, pactoftruth09,

Mastered reflection: mountaingod04, mountaingod08, witchtrainee05, steak09, lieutenant13, takarairihito04,

Mastered datadog: mountaingod10, mountaingod11, paralysis06, patissier06, xiv09, primavera09,

Mastered clarinet: mountaingod13, rahtilt05, temperanza09, mars06, mars02, fujisaka14,

Mastered compendium: rahtilt06, rahtilt08, sylvarant12, teacher14, gymnast07, shirabi17,

Mastered mountaingod: rahtilt09, rahtilt12, antisocial05, void14, worldpeace12, moonblast10,

Mastered rahtilt: rosebride01, rosebride02, hacker10, iwa-chan09, jackknife12, cardcaptor01,

Mastered teddybear: mailbox01, mailbox04, capricorn01, ability12, onetrack07, song09, greenpencil

Mastered takemyrevolution: mailbox05, mailbox08, sakabatou08, heliohapt13, explorer05, bunt06, bluepencil










Happy Birthday- Scheming03, arcana16, pluto07, cardcaptor03, freestyle05, brigadechief06, beanie03, freckles05, contract08, shidu11, deceive01, grandking02, shy01

Shop- mailbox11, mailbox12, mailbox13, pink09, food02, brigadechief03, scheming02, manager01, receive04, rosebride04, soothing02, receive05, receive06, rosebride06, rosebride11, rosebride15, otomegane08, inspector07, mago14, shige-nii13, mikorin10, coward10, battle10, crimsonthorn15, hawk15, blood08, magiccancel07, reliability15, innovator11, orgia11, neet10, pipe03, ice15, aquarius13, voice03, delinquent13, selfless09, forza09, fortuneteller10, uranus09, pluto13, freewill03, lonelycat11, insensitive05, deceive14, yoppi04, poland10, synthesizer02, beater12, spacepirate04, witchcraft11, rosenqueen05, mystery05, england01, orange04, dantalion07, eyelashes03, queen15, archery02, redflash06, cheerful01, dawnking14, sensory03, raise15, dreamycrown11, voice05, kamikakushi06, headchef09, schiff08, imperatore04, cory12, archenemy09, quietly09, sharp13, mercury13, assistant06, capisce10, attic14, march02, al-thamen10, airking15, inari04, raikiri06, sakabatou07, trainer03, shoujo15, takeoutbox01, fullmoon05, loligothic04, clutchhitter12

May 22, 2015

THURSDAY- contract09, shidu12, loversulfur06, receive07, soothing03, brigadechief07, arcana17, freestyle06

Mastered rosebride: contract13, contract15, honey01, dielorelei02, sopheria13, collectibles05,

Mastered contract: brigadechief09, brigadechief12, calamity08, siren04, piano15, ultimax18,

Mastered brigadechief: receive08, receive09, prissy05, frail01, dedicatus06, maleshepherds11,

Mastered pink: arcana19, shidu15, imaginebreaker15, intention08, all-rounder07, platinum05, magazine

Mastered arcana: shidu16, shidu18, schiff02, souschef09, aquarius14, aye01, magazine

May 25, 2015

Who's the seiyuu?: scheming13, sensory01, freestyle14, maxwell11, recruit02, amitadrive09, medicinebreak11, spacepirate02

Throwback Thursday: faketoss02, catastrophe11, veda01, ganymede14, witchtrainee12, taurus03, inlove09, mugiwara13, iceflower12

Puzzle: hairpins12, whiteheart13, raven12, hawkeye15, soothing10, blackrose01, reincarnation10, orgia11, butterfly12, split11milkmilk

Memory Game: schism06, collar05, defense11, fortune06, mavrou04, ruin14, shadowhunter08, song10, ailurophobic06, blackrose10, lily07, godmode03, libra07, receive12, split08, flash13, spiritgun03, collar07, hyperactive09, jiangshi06, magazine x6

Jams!: entei05, libra07, redrose15, monsterrookie03, steadfast01, moonrace01, sees08, restaurant11, sunflowers02

Hangman's gambit: sun08, mayqueen03, cello06, insensitive13, replicant06, catastrophe12, innocence07, milk

Gamer Guess: mirrorcity08, rukh13, shrimp13, samurai08, swimmer05, ceres11, pizzicato11, secondchild10, medicinebreak13, legendary18, hydrocannon04, kyuri09, keyblades19

Freebies: rabbit08, chibimoon09, gemini01, spectrophobia01, daru06, katana13, ijime07, flowertree11, doves15, darkpulse09, takarairihito01, spellcaster09

ESP Testing Center (Level 7): fullbloom13, kusarigama09, blitzball06, insensitive09, manager12, prince08, spot08, iwa-chan07, rangemurata20, dragonrage18, lovemaking10, cardcaptor04, blue pencil

Bookshelf: usu12, pictures12, saxophone10, susanoo14, iwa-chan05, kusarigama06, fullbloom04, faculty10, spot13

Crazy card: secondchild14, lorelei05, calamity04, insensitive01, diva11, secondchild01, deceive13, lovervesta14, sun11, blitzball05, bear07,  friendship01

THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES: Faculty04, hacker01, beanie04, underworld03, takarairihito07, freestyle10, loversulfur08, pluto08, defy02, food03, receive13, thief07, shidu20, freckles06, muskets01, scheming05, manager05, soothing05, grandking03, natsukitakaya13, cello02, sunflowers03

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