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 June 5, 2015

1. vanargand13 for [personal profile] eonflamewing  for 1 orange crayon
2. fenrir06 for [personal profile] vethica  for cousin06
3. scorpion06 for [personal profile] scblakdrgon  for peakspider01
4. hasedo16 for [personal profile] estamir  for nekoma16
5. shoutaku16 for [personal profile] zettaimuri  for thecrows14
6. sangriarosa17 for [personal profile] honeybrushedheart  for pinkbow09
7. special03 for [personal profile] sal  for gross01

sp. boxweapon13 for [personal profile] scblakdrgon  for bepsi01

June 8
Trade with audurotum> exalt17 for kapow16

June 11
Trade with [personal profile] commandant > scarlet hair17 for opening16

June 12

Trade with dialny> manager04 for strike13

Trade with inventrix> composed10, hogyoku13, silent01 for muga15, scar06, steals03


July 3

Trade with [personal profile] sal > abroad07, fabricated05, hawkeye01, kayo-chin02 for calming19, cranes06, favoring19, focusing17

Trade with [personal profile] gammacrank >effort09, getaway09, lovestruck07, quick09, thing07, tripping12, mascots16 for focusing05, tiger01, benefits13, croquettes03, meanies14, suwabe17, versicolor04

July 13, 2015 ------------
- Gifted from Sal> strike14
- Trade with dialny> scar08 for trash17
Trade with eonflamewing> oshu12, selphia19 for adieu08, floatserve08
July Release
- 1. akitsukami04 for floatserve16 ([personal profile] zeittari ) 
2. hyouhaku04 for peakspider13 ([personal profile] zeittari ) 
3. hatsushimo04 for toss19 ([personal profile] zeittari ) 
4. choice16 for flamenblue14 ([personal profile] stag )
 5. beloved08 for phonecalls20 ([personal profile] stag ) 
6. Kailu06 for solarknee14 ([personal profile] scblakdrgon ) 
7. acrobatics06 for wolfsbane05 ([personal profile] scblakdrgon ) 
8. cleaning09 for livingzombie03 ([personal profile] scblakdrgon ) 
9. Astronomer11 for orange crayon[personal profile] eonflamewing  
10. samuraifan02 for beloved12 [personal profile] vethica  
sp. arrows14 for gross13 ([personal profile] scblakdrgon )
Trade with dialny> boxer07, lonely03, owner17, tiger12, favoring07 for suicune19, 3moles17, railgun04, secondson12, sorry15
July 09, 2015 ------------
- trade with tonko>babble14, kujakki18 for tensai06, saillune04
- Trade with ostrze>trainride19 for hayashibara14
- Trade with Jen>princesslike08, wander11 for cranes05, opening20
- Trade with Nikita>brandless08, cointoss02, jizaikon15, laguz13, nyu02, tall10 for autozam12, boxer19, tarundoru17, tiger04, favoring03, wildlion11
- Trade wiith Colette> octal07, tusk19 for analyzation20, setter09
- Trade with Shay>harasho03, player12, spiritenergy11, viera12 for praetor14, bubblegum08, cross19, owner12
-Trade with skybun>exsphere14, fantastical02, kendama03, rekku16, restore08 for acrobatics11, acrobatics20, cleaning18, cross03, nfu19
Trade with chives>crimibear14 for speedstar08
Trade with fortuneparty> opening08, cleaning08, nfu13 for my pikarigaoka06, red10, stmichaels13

July 08, 2015 ------------
- Trade with Tonko>disobedient02, experience04, experience18, king10, ember10, region20 for bunnybox18, gekokujou08, kailu12, nfu17, pinkbow12, samezuka04  
Trade with Zeittari >bully13, bully20 for aisen04, renegades01
July 06, 2015 ------------
- Trade with Byakkun>Jojo15, youmu01, funyarinpa16 for awakening06, calming03, pinkbow11 http://oujicards.dreamwidth.org/1324.html?thread=236588#cmt236588

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