May. 28th, 2015

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Don't worry Joseph, my card post isn't gone, it's just moved! Trades are still posted here, but if you're looking for my card post, it is here.
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May 2015

May 30, 2015

Joined Colors-> Starter Pack: strike07, strike02, fisherman01, youmu01, shippudash13, pikarigaoka06, male-type14, silpheed16

Extra 2 cards-> blooming16, confrontal04

May Release-> denpa01, stone-face01, abu01, kapow01, shuffle01, thecrows05

Anniversary Event

June 1- Received Fivetastic01, panda19, monkey11

June 4- >Gifted Riri blooming16
               >Gifted Colette Male-type14
               >Gifted Flossy Confrontal04
               >Gifted Levy Fisherman01
Received from Kiri> blocker04, gekokujou08, samuraicat04, samuraicat11, samuraicat19

June 5-> June Slots
1. vanargand13 for [personal profile] eonflamewing   for 1 orange crayon
2. fenrir06 for [personal profile] vethica    for cousin06
3. scorpion06 for [personal profile] scblakdrgon   for peakspider01
4. hasedo16 for [personal profile] estamir   for nekoma16
5. shoutaku16 for [personal profile] zettaimuri   for thecrows14
6.  sangriarosa17 for [personal profile] honeybrushedheart  for pinkbow09
sp. boxweapon13 for [personal profile] scblakdrgon   for bepsi01

Received from scblakdrgon > bepsi11, yamakami01
Received from chronikle> 20faces01, autozam02, create01
Colorseum 8-5> similar18, speaking07, velvetroom05, stmichaels13

June 7

Seiyuu Guess 190> exalt17, television14, notebook19, sabbat01, thrillers01, fireball16, blue crayon

Received from 
[personal profile] honeybrushedheart > hitwoman09

June 8

Anniversary day 2> fivetastic02, fabulous04, meanies18, strike10, yellow crayon, gray crayon

Anniversary day 5> 
                         >Try 1: Gave monkey 11 and received Fivetastic05, scarlethair17
                         >Try 2 Gave Panda19 and received suwabe11, oshu12, whip smack02, rash20, deus14
                         >Try 3: Gave similar 18 and received oneesan18, inn09
Guess the Color 223> composed10, nyu02, ayasugi10
Oikawa's Fanmail 62> belittled18, oblivion12, howl08, bell08

June 10
Anniversary Event day 6> fivetastic06, inherit12, patch16, kendama03, wingman16
U's Music Station 209> manager04, cocteau04, resentment06, spin20

June 11>
Switch it up 97> Switched thriller01 for bully02

Help Miss Kamilla 71> boisterous05, minchi18, measuring06, badpun06

Read between the lines 161- railgun04, scarves06, 1stlt05, hogyoku13

Gift from 
[personal profile] skybuns> samuraicat20

Arazlam's clues 249> caution15, cloudshrine11, wealthy02

Gift from 
[personal profile] reneetwist > headphones01

June 12

Ansem's Player Report 89> water08, ideya18, sea20, princesslike08

Gift from possibilityleft > 
barrettes15, basketbals16, benefits08, choice01, choice02, choice03, choice05, choice06, choice07, choice08, choice 09, choice10, choice11, choice12, choice 13, choice14, choice15, choice17, choice18, choice20, cousin01, cranes17, elevator11, favoring03, fireball02, gekidasa05, jian17, kailu01, kailu02, kailu03, kailu04, kailu05, kailu07, kailu08, kailu09, kailu10, kailu11, kailu13, kailu16, kailu18, kailu19, lonely11, mobile12, musket16, neptune04, notebook09, notebook17, peach04, peach19, pushy07, samuraicat06, scar19, tarundoru03, 1 crayon of each color

gift from dialny> samuraicat07, samuraicat11

Anniversary day 11> fivetastic11, rose06, screams11, brokenrose14

Anniversary day 10> fivetastic10, strike08, red10, shadaloo12, ribbons08

Colorseum 9-1> short08, corporal08, inlove04, barrage16, ditelada16, silent01

Anniversary day 12> fivetastic12, hellguide09, thing07, instinct13, cr-so103, itadakimasu10, brush10, maddog01, chariot19, change11, wahoo14 given for 1stlt05, ayasugi10, barrage16, boisterous05, brokenrose14, caution15, cloudshrine11, cocteau04, corporal08, ditelada16

June 13

Anniversary day 08> fivetastic08, jimuguri01, polkadot02, gianthornet02, deus12, green crayon

Recycled Art> 
blogger16, bloodshot09, bloodshot15, bloodshot20, bully06, bully15, calming02, calmingo6, calming07, calming10. calming11, calming12, calming15, calming16, calming17, capitivate06, focusing14, kailu05, mobile05, scar02

1. vanargand13 for [personal profile] eonflamewing   for 1 orange crayon
2. fenrir06 for [personal profile] vethica    for cousin06
3. scorpion06 for [personal profile] scblakdrgon   for peakspider01
4. hasedo16 for [personal profile] estamir   for nekoma16
5. shoutaku16 for [personal profile] zettaimuri   for thecrows14
6.  sangriarosa17 for [personal profile] honeybrushedheart  for pinkbow09
7. special03 for [personal profile] sal  for gross01
8. gross10
9. slopes12
sp. boxweapon13 for [personal profile] scblakdrgon   for bepsi01

June 15
Anniversary day 12> Traded change11, cr-s0103, fabulous04, gianthornet02, hellguide09, ideya18, inherit13, instinct13, itadakimasu10, jimuguri01 and received ribbons02, lovestruck07, disobedient02, rarechips07, 11-808, littlekitty20, shikon16, miko15, sunrisecafe09, ugly01
u's music station 210> quick09, seiyuu14, runner08, sillier06
Oikawa's Fan Mail 63> collapses19, eyesight08, hollybell15, balfonheim16, x31516, persocom17
Guess the Color 224> losttrust08, devoted16, possible16
Silly Blanks 25> fabricated05, king10, thirdroom03, aikido10, spotter12, cowardly18, forelock14, starmagic16, reliability10, mushi16, annihilate03, deadman13

June 18

Help Miss Kamila 72> kayo-chin02, righteye03

Reading Between the Lines 162> experience18, trash17, across10, godbreath05, naru19, uppercut19, alchemist20, asakeno06, alliance09, adam11, purple crayon

Anniversary Day 16> snow10, beats06, kijin03, fivetastic16, blue crayon

Combo Breaker 88> Free Hit

Host Club Giveaway 115> methuselah08, abroad07, nagi15

Ansem's Player Report 90> wildlion16, summoner10, signorina10, soldiers12

Arazalam's Clues 250> posh15, jimmies18, jindujun20

Anniversary Day 18> Fivetastic18, exsphere14, effort09, selphia19, boar02, sass05, laguz13

Niou and Yagyuu's Costume Party 240> kouhai09, prodigal16, renegade20, rekku16

June 19

Colorseum 9-2> determined04, croquettes13, lenster07, kujakki18, leopard19, married09

June 20

Art Lessons with Minori 230> protector07, shounen14

June 21

Seiyuu Guess 192> bluesea05, personality14, tusk19

Anniversary Day 07>  fivetastic07, romipaku20, watergun07, darkening16

June 22

Anniversary Day 14> fivetastic14, oaktree05, kawasumia17

Anniversary Day 09> fivetastic09, efficient11, parenting03, figurine09, angelpowder11, losttrust06, funyarinpa16, ember10, murasame11, biscuit06, wander11, tokugawa11, viera12, poland01, napping09

Hange’s Information Exchange 79> wahoo18, results06, netidol10, driver15, aisen04, winglet15

Anniversary Day 15> fivetastic15, suicine19, rootflare12,strike15, grey crayon

June 23

Oikawa’s Fan Mail 64> jojo15, babble14, lazy01, blaming20, tripping12, percise19

Guess the Color 225> nidaime09, invader02, getaway09

 Anniversary Day 19> fivetastic19, strike01, toss01

June 24

Gift from [personal profile] beaslays>rayearth15, kapow20

Graffiti 103> oarfish19, split12, player12, pinkpearl09

Help Miss Kamilla 73> rift10, mascots16

Anniversary Day 17> fivetastic17, strike20, bepsi05

Silly Blanks 26> headstrong16, rent11, bolverk08, heavymetal01, eroge15, volleyball04, knitted18

Anniversary Day 13> fivetastic13, axe17, poseidon05, screentone19, blue crayon

June 26

Arazlam's clues 251> entrails06, spiritenergy11, crescent17

Ansem's player report 91> capitalism11, flirty07, popnbeat04, scale16

June 27

Colorseum 9-3> hikkomori12, leftout17, codename18, hostility12, tall10, torchic19

June 28

Seiyuu Guess 193> torment10, heatwave19, oceanwave11

June 29

Recycled Art> favoring12, pinkbow16, samuraicat05, samuraicat08, scar03, scar04, scar05, scar07, scar09, scar10, scar11, scar13, scar14, scar17, scar18, scar20, tiger03, tiger15, tiger17, tiger19

Hi-5 Radio! 38> hawkeye01, xrosheart12, marshmallow18, backdoors14, barbarossa07, gransys15, lastation06

Recycled Art> cleaning16, wildlion12, wildlion18

Oikawa's Fan Mail 65> recluse20, sweets14, cointoss02, arphage10

u's Music Station 211> jizaikon15, fulcrum04, androgynous02, restore08

June 30

Costume Party 242> damsel15, perlite03, halberd15, plugin04

Guess the Color 226> toxic03, sigma12, captive07



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 June 5, 2015

1. vanargand13 for [personal profile] eonflamewing  for 1 orange crayon
2. fenrir06 for [personal profile] vethica  for cousin06
3. scorpion06 for [personal profile] scblakdrgon  for peakspider01
4. hasedo16 for [personal profile] estamir  for nekoma16
5. shoutaku16 for [personal profile] zettaimuri  for thecrows14
6. sangriarosa17 for [personal profile] honeybrushedheart  for pinkbow09
7. special03 for [personal profile] sal  for gross01

sp. boxweapon13 for [personal profile] scblakdrgon  for bepsi01

June 8
Trade with audurotum> exalt17 for kapow16

June 11
Trade with [personal profile] commandant > scarlet hair17 for opening16

June 12

Trade with dialny> manager04 for strike13

Trade with inventrix> composed10, hogyoku13, silent01 for muga15, scar06, steals03


July 3

Trade with [personal profile] sal > abroad07, fabricated05, hawkeye01, kayo-chin02 for calming19, cranes06, favoring19, focusing17

Trade with [personal profile] gammacrank >effort09, getaway09, lovestruck07, quick09, thing07, tripping12, mascots16 for focusing05, tiger01, benefits13, croquettes03, meanies14, suwabe17, versicolor04

July 13, 2015 ------------
- Gifted from Sal> strike14
- Trade with dialny> scar08 for trash17
Trade with eonflamewing> oshu12, selphia19 for adieu08, floatserve08
July Release
- 1. akitsukami04 for floatserve16 ([personal profile] zeittari ) 
2. hyouhaku04 for peakspider13 ([personal profile] zeittari ) 
3. hatsushimo04 for toss19 ([personal profile] zeittari ) 
4. choice16 for flamenblue14 ([personal profile] stag )
 5. beloved08 for phonecalls20 ([personal profile] stag ) 
6. Kailu06 for solarknee14 ([personal profile] scblakdrgon ) 
7. acrobatics06 for wolfsbane05 ([personal profile] scblakdrgon ) 
8. cleaning09 for livingzombie03 ([personal profile] scblakdrgon ) 
9. Astronomer11 for orange crayon[personal profile] eonflamewing  
10. samuraifan02 for beloved12 [personal profile] vethica  
sp. arrows14 for gross13 ([personal profile] scblakdrgon )
Trade with dialny> boxer07, lonely03, owner17, tiger12, favoring07 for suicune19, 3moles17, railgun04, secondson12, sorry15
July 09, 2015 ------------
- trade with tonko>babble14, kujakki18 for tensai06, saillune04
- Trade with ostrze>trainride19 for hayashibara14
- Trade with Jen>princesslike08, wander11 for cranes05, opening20
- Trade with Nikita>brandless08, cointoss02, jizaikon15, laguz13, nyu02, tall10 for autozam12, boxer19, tarundoru17, tiger04, favoring03, wildlion11
- Trade wiith Colette> octal07, tusk19 for analyzation20, setter09
- Trade with Shay>harasho03, player12, spiritenergy11, viera12 for praetor14, bubblegum08, cross19, owner12
-Trade with skybun>exsphere14, fantastical02, kendama03, rekku16, restore08 for acrobatics11, acrobatics20, cleaning18, cross03, nfu19
Trade with chives>crimibear14 for speedstar08
Trade with fortuneparty> opening08, cleaning08, nfu13 for my pikarigaoka06, red10, stmichaels13

July 08, 2015 ------------
- Trade with Tonko>disobedient02, experience04, experience18, king10, ember10, region20 for bunnybox18, gekokujou08, kailu12, nfu17, pinkbow12, samezuka04  
Trade with Zeittari >bully13, bully20 for aisen04, renegades01
July 06, 2015 ------------
- Trade with Byakkun>Jojo15, youmu01, funyarinpa16 for awakening06, calming03, pinkbow11


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